Winners of State Swimming

Take a moment to watch a slideshow of some of my favorite photos from this past Friday and Saturday high school state swimming tournament in Canton, Ohio. You might just spot photos of an athlete from my high school alma mater. Go Rockets!

I took over 7,500 photographs in trying to cover the 100 plus student athletes from around our coverage area. Some of those photos are for helping to identify people or mark points between events to make editing photos easier back at the office, but the majority of photos were taken while covering as many of the athletes as possible from the approxiametly 75 high schools we cover.

Despite the long hours and heavy work load, the fun is seeing the reactions of the athletes and spectators while creating some memorable images for me (and hopefully the students, parents and schools). It is also great seeing some of the photographer friends from around the state that you only get to see at big events like this. I wish we could go out and have a beer or someting but the weekend is just too packed with work.

I got about 3 hours of sleep from the time I left Friday morning to the time I finished edittng at the office late Sunday morning. All I can say is thank you to everyone who made the weekend fun despite the long hours and sometimes frustrating working conditions. This week I'm trying to catch up on sleep to get ready for the next state high school event this weekend.

Hope to see more of my photog friends there too!


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