Forked Life

I meant to write this post over a month ago, but a few things stopped me. First I just became too busy. Second I wasn't sure what or how to write it. Third I procrastinated because of the first two. Now I've found some time, found what to write and found how to write it. I think.

After 15 years in Columbus, Ohio I have decided to make a big change and move to Denver, Colorado. I've decided to fork my life.
In computer programming when you fork something it means you are splitting off from the original project. For example the open source project OpenOffice, which is an alternative to Microsoft Office, was forked not that long ago by some of the contributing developers. Sun Microsystems was the controlling company of OpenOffice and it was sold to the Oracle Corporation. Unsure of the viability of the OpenOffice project after the sale and wanting to take the project in a new direction, a core group of developers broke off and created LibreOffice based off the work from OpenOffice. They immediately started improving on the program and have had numerous revisions and updates while the original OpenOffice appears to have become stalled.
Generally when a program is forked you take the project and go in a new direction for one reason or another. Sometimes it is frowned upon and other times it is the only option. It is much like finding the proverbial fork in the road and deciding to take the road less traveled. And in a way I guess you could say that is what I'm doing.
I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in Oakley, Kansas and tomorrow I will drive the last few hundred miles, unload my over packed car and officially start my life in Denver, Colorado. In the past few months I sold, gave away or junked most of my belongings, and what I couldn't part with or felt I needed, I put into "storage" at my mother's house or packed into my 1999 Toyota Camry.

Photo of a mountian scene from a trip to Colorado around 1999

Will I still be taking photos? You bet. I cannot imagine my life without a camera. It is part of the reason I wanted to come to Colorado.
Will I be doing it as a freelance photographer or as a staff photographer? Yes but to what extent I'm not sure. I don't have a job waiting for me but I wouldn't mind developing some freelance work. I'm initially going to be shooting for myself, and if there is someone who wants to hire me, I probably won't turn them down. 
So what will happen with this website? It will remain a site to display my current work as it has always been and will continue to be developed. I want to dabble my feet more into Drupal which this website runs on. I want to take some great photos and share them here. And I will try to keep a running blog of what is going on in my life beyond just photography. It will still be a place to show off my photography work (and other projects).
For now, I'm going to find a job that will pay the bills like ninety percent of Americans have to do. Denver is a tough photo market and I wouldn't dream of expecting myself to hit the ground running. I'll be concentrating on creating photographs for myself and educating myself about Denver and Colorado. There are a lot of plans and ideas running and bumping around in my head. I am excited and looking forward to the adventure though I admit nervous and a worried as well.
If you happen to know of a job or position, please pass it on. I'm available via the contact page here, Facebook, twitter, linked-in etc, etc. shown at the right.
 (By the way the photo above of the mountains is one I took during a camping trip to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado around 1999.)


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