Cupcake Surprise

Copyrighted Photograph

While playing with the delicious mini cupcakes from Cupcake Yum.Yum (and yes that is bacon in icing), I had an accidental miss fire of the main light and saw something interesting I didn't expect. 

The cupcake wrappers really reflected the blue light from the flash below more than I thought possible. So I veered off from the normal shot I was trying to get to chase one a little off the beaten path. The background is still lit by a flash with a red gel on it, but it is now over exposed which pushed the red into a yellow/orange mixture. The overhead softbox is off and the blue glow from below is a flash with a blue gel on it. 

The gels are from a Rosco sample pack I bought years ago. They are the perfect size to fit over the head of a flash except for a hole in it for it to be attached to a key ring. Sometimes if you don't position the gel right it can let some of the white light come through. Often this doesn't do much beyond diluting the color you are looking to achieve, but here I believe the white light is partially causing the yellow color of the background.

I wouldn't say this photograph presents the cupcakes in a tasty way, but it is eye catching and sometimes that is the point of a photograph. One of the things I normally do when building a photograph like this is take a photograph with each light individually so I can see what each specific flash is doing and then build from there. I shoot these photos that way. I put the flashes where I thought I wanted them and then at the end added the blue gel under the cupcakes just because I thought it might add a nice element and glow to the base. 

You can see more photographs in the gallery.


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