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6:18 pm

A Song from a Civil War Encampment (video)

I just put together a video piece I had been holding on to for a month or so. I had not had the time to sit down and put it together but finally got the chance.

Way Down in Dixie from Tim Norman on Vimeo.

Video Note: Scenes from a Civil War encampment with a Civil War musician's rendition of Way Down in Dixie on a 1845 Martin made in Nazareth, Pennsylvania in the 1840's. The encampment was in Gahanna, Ohio.


The video is a from a Civil War encampment in Gahanna, Ohio. I stumbled across this musician while shooting stills for an assignment  and thought it would make for a good audio piece to show some of the day's activities.

It was fun creating the story towards the middle of the video about the kids and the charging confederate soldier. I was trying to tell a story while getting several video and audio samples from different parts of the event. To me it blends pretty seamlessly and it allowed me to explore some more editing and shooting techniques I hadn't tried yet. Let me know what you think in a comment below.

10:02 pm

Walking Dead Fan Video

I person on Twitter I follow sent out a message about a cool fan video for the Walking Dead. Blah Blah... yeah we all know that it is probably some horribly done little video using bad graphics, bad sound, and bad acting. But this video truly rocked my socks off.

For more information, visit
THE WALKING DEAD premieres on October 31st on AMC.
Animated by Daniel M. Kanemoto "The Walking Dead" Artwork by Charlie Adlard & Tony Moore "Fresh Blood" Written & Performed by eels Music Editing by Jeff Yorkes

12:17 am

A Garden Jewel

A taste of the musical performance about the experience of Woodstock by Shadowbox Partners and Actors Theatre at Schiller Park. Song performed by Amy Lay

In early August I shot stills for the local newspaper from the musical Back to the Garden, and forgot I had planned to do a video. I cleaned some of test video from some of my archive folders and stumbled on this clip and thought I'd share it with some of the photos I took including an almost 360 degree panorama.

I love the singer's voice and the musical was great, at least what I could stay for. I only saw about 30 minutes before having to leave for another assignment. That was a bummer because it was looking like a pretty good show and I loved watching the crowd. BTW the crowd the largest I have ever seen Schiller Park filled. People were sitting over the ridge and had to stand to see the show. Some just sat and listened.

I had fun talking to the cast, crew as they were getting ready for the show. The spectators were pretty cool too. Some were actually at Woodstock and some dressed like they were at Woodstock.

The show combined casts from several theatres and it was a one time performance in Schiller Park, but as far as I know the musical was being performed on stage in either Cincinnati or Columbus probably at a Shadowbox Cabaret.

I shot the video and still with a Canon 7D and was really just trying out the on-camera mic and the abilities of the 7D to do video. The image stabilization feature on the new Canon 70-200 helped out immensely in turning a handheld shot into a completely useable clip. Though you may catch a couple quick hand jerks that the image stabilization couldn't smooth out. That's entirely my fault in trying to anticipate an actor moving or being momentarily distrac -SQUIRREL!- ted.

12:55 pm

Favorites of 2009

Every year I try to get ready for the end of year contests and slide shows by putting together some of my favorite photos from that year. I'm a bit under the weather this year so I have not had a chance to put as much effort into it as I would like but here is a collection of some of my favorite photos from 2009.

I know I've missed a few of my favorites by rushing through it but I think this video shows a nice selection of what I have photographed this year. Please let me know what you think in the comments area.

Thanks to all of the people who have let me enter their lives even if it was just for 1/250th of a second.

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