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7:29 pm

Stop and Smell The Roses

If only we could have smell-o-vision. The gardens smelled wonderful from the different fragrances of the roses in the Whetstone Park of Roses during the Stop and Smell the Roses event. I submitted most of these photos for publication for use at



I enjoy taking photos of nature so getting a chance to take some photos of the gardens at the Park of Roses at Whestone Park for work was wonderful. The weather radar showed rain was going to be moving into the area a few hours after the event started but quite a few people still showed up. Thankfully the rain started out as a very light mist which gave the flowers a bit of wetness like you would see with the morning dew.

Here is a tip for taking photos of flowers. A cloudy day and a bit of mist can really help you see the flowers better and make the photographs more interesting to look at. Bright sunlight tends to increase the contrast of light on the flowers and it is harder to get detail in the areas that fall into shadow.

The volunteer gardeners really do a nice job in keeping the rose gardens at there best.

9:43 pm

Winners of State Swimming

Take a moment to watch a slideshow of some of my favorite photos from this past Friday and Saturday high school state swimming tournament in Canton, Ohio. You might just spot photos of an athlete from my high school alma mater. Go Rockets! ... [Read More]

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