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Candy Slow Mo

Falling Hearts from Tim Norman on Vimeo.

When the Valentine's Day candy started coming down in price the day before and after the big V day, I decided to pick up some to have a little fun with. I created some images that I mentioned in a previous post, and while making one of those photos I saw some potential to play with video.

I decided to shoot some 60 frame per second video of the candy falling and hitting a piece of plexy glass lit from below. Ok, so it isn't going to win an oscar. It could use some sound and muffling of the candy hitting perhaps, but this was all about playing. Playiing around is half the battle of getting better at anything. If you don't push your boundaries and try to learn then all you do is keep repeating what you created yesterday and the day before.

That works for some. Some famous photographers, artists and musicians created a personal style and they made their living for the rest of their lives off that style. But personally I choose to challenge myself and push boundaries.
Just as U2 has changed their style of sound over the decades so should photographers and artists change their visual styles. For no other reason than for personal self-satisfaction. By doing so they may come up with some stinkers or perhaps a lemon of an album, but it is the act of pushing forward and learning from those mistakes that we grow. 
For the technical details in creating the video, I used a Canon 7d at 60 frame per second at 1280 resolution. And then took that video into Adobe Premiere and slowed it to 25% speed using a sequence at 24 frame per second. There are a couple shots at 50% speed because they didn't match the look of the rest of the video if they were slower. I didn't really plan this out, I shot some mid February and followed up with a couple more shots last night when I decided to see if I could put a video piece together that made sense.
That reminds me... I've got to grab my medium format camera and go take some photos just to push some more visual boundaries- get out of thinking in horizontals or veriticals and think square for a day.
8:42 pm

Which Comes First: The Camera or The Photograph

Here is another installment to continue the discussion on questions to ask when buying a camera.

While waiting for a basketball game to start, a man asked me if I could help him set his camera so he could take photographs of the game. It was the same digital SLR body that I was using and he mentioned he picked it because it took more frames per second than another camera body he was considering.

I believe in the proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” So to take advantage of teaching moment I talked with him about some of the ingredients in taking photos of sports such as a high shutter speed and lenses that allow more light into the camera. In response I got a blank look and a statement that his friend had set his camera for him and he just wanted to know if the settings were good enough for him.

I realised I had made an error and should have asked iif he wanted to learn how to use his camera. Instead he just wanted reassurance the settings were good enough to get pictures in the low light of a high school gym.
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