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Maryland Celebrates 60

I had an assignment to photograph the 60th birthday celebration for Maryland Elementary School in Bexley yesterday. It wasn't a strong visual assignment so I decided to shoot some video. The video below is what came of it. I would have loved to include more of the singing by the students, but I felt I was exceeding the video length I wanted to arrive at for a video piece like this. None the less the piece allowed me to work on hand holding the camera while panning and zooming. I'm thankful for the image stabilization on the Canon 70-200 lens which removed the shaking but didn't help with a bit of the movement.


Maryland Elementary Turns 60 from Tim Norman on Vimeo.

Maryland Elementary School in Bexley, Ohio celebrates turning 60 years old with a birthday celebration including a proclamation from the Bexley mayor and songs by students.

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