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Sweet Snowy Marshmallows

Copyrighted Photograph

No it wasn't snowing inside my house when I made this photograph, but the cleanup was sweet.

When I decided to take pictures of some marshmallows I didn't know what to do with them at first. Initially I just took a photo of them in their bag which was how they were presented to me. And then I placed them on the white paper background. You can see some more photos in this gallery.

To me when I think of marshmallows I think of hot chocolate which makes me think of cold weather because that is pretty much the only time of year I ever drink hot chocolate. Following that I decided to go with a blue tone to the image. I would have loved to have had a big huge cup of hot cocoa to dunk them in but as they are about 2 inches by 2 inches square I didn't have a cup big enough. But I might expand on that idea at a later date.

Progressing along I knew I ]wanted the marshmallows to stand out. After all they are the star of the show here. My first thought was to place a snoot on a flash with a yellow gel on it, but inspiration struck me as I was playing around just taking a photo of the marshmallows themselves. In order to focus the camera in the low light of my living room studio I was using a small mag light to help out.

So I turned off the rest of the lights, set the camera color temperature to tungsten to turn the white light from a softbox tipped at a 45 degree angle on the left of the photo, and set my camera to expose for a second. For each exposure I moved the flashlight around a bit to see how it would change the shadows and how the marshmallows would handle the light. On some photos I used a white bounce card on the right side to push the softbox light back in to fill in shadows.

I liked how the effect was giving the marshmallows a spotlight effect and I was also able to paint some light on both sides so it didn't have really harsh shadows.

To add a bit more to the cold weather theme, I pulled out some confection sugar I had in the cupboards of my kitchen from some Christmas cookies I made for the family. I also pulled out some wax paper to help with cleanup and a small sifter. After a little practice and several dozen photo failures with the marshmallows not wanting to stay stacked, I got the image you see here.

I've thought about adding a few fake snow flakes to the image to sell the effect some more, but as it stands I like it. I did clean up some of the edges of the wax paper in the background to make it appear more seamless and did a few other small touch-ups.

  • F-stop: f/8
  • Exposure: 1 second
  • Focal Length 35mm (16-35mm lens)
  • ISO: 200
  • Canon 7D

What food have you played with lately?

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