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5:27 pm

Lakewood, Colorado - Forsberg Iron Spring Park

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I took a drive to West side of Denver today and stumbled into Forsberg Iron Spring Park.  I was driving along C-470 when I saw a sign for Dinosaur Ridge and decided to see what it was. I didn't see another sign for it, but as I was driving along the road a bunch of cars parked just off the road caught my eye. I thought maybe something migh be going on. So I turned in and found a beautiful dog park. The park climbs up up a hill allowing lots of views. 

The clouds seemed like they might give way to a beautiful sunset so I waited around the park to see what would happen, and it didn't disappoint. There was a slight sprinkle and a rainbow in the other direction too.

The best part of the evening was talking with two couples who were great sources of information on some other places to visit as well as some of the history of the area. I have to say thank you to them for putting up with a talkative and inquisitive photographer.

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