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6:55 pm

First Denver New Years Eve

Copyrighted Photograph

I spent my first Denver New Years Eve hanging out with a great bunch of people from the Denver Photo Walk group. We hung out at Diamon Hill Park to photograph the New Years Eve fireworks taking place downtown. It was a short eight minute fireworks display. And though I was hoping the fireworks would be a bit bigger and higher in the sky, it was fun getting out in the cold weather and enjoying the Denver skyline. From those who had seen previous year events it sounded like this firework display was a bit less lively and smaller.

This is probably the best photo I have from the night though there are a few others that I enjoyed too. I debated which color setting to use for post processing and ended up using the automatic setting that the camera created when I took the photograph. I like the yellow ting of the skyline with the purple and blue hues of the fireworks and the tower that is part of Elitch Gardens.

If you want to know more about the Denver Photo Walk group you can drop me a message or go to the website and do a search for Denver Photo Walk. (Or just click on the link in the first sentence of this post.)


7:19 pm

Red Rock at Night

Copyrighted Photograph

One of the large rocks juts into the sky at Red Rock Amphitheatre near Denver, Colorado on October 12, 2011. I had gone out at night to do some long exposure photography but accidentally left the one piece of equipment I needed back at home on the kitchen counter. I left the intervalometer at home which allows the camera to stay open for longer than the slowest shutter speed on the camera (30 seconds). But not giving up on a beautiful evening with a full moon I realized that 30 seconds at ISO 160 at f2.8 would produce a pretty well exposed image to create some photographs. 

I really like how the texture of the rock is brought out by the lights on the ground and the full moon provides an interesting countering light source. I went black and white to enhance it further. This photo is actually several exposures brought into a single photo to balance the light on the rock and some of the moon.

2:23 pm

Mountain Steeple

Copyrighted Photograph

Driving along a road in Denver, I was just looking for some place to photograph the setting sun or find something intersting to photograph when I spotted this steeple peaking out from some trees. I pulled into a CVS store parking lot and stood on a rail to get just a bit higher to photograph the colors of the sunset with the mountains and church steeple. 

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