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Backup and Remember

Last week one of my closest friends, Dipti, called me to see if I had backups of her wedding photographs from 2003. She had copies of the photographs on CD’s but the CD’s were not working in any of the computers she tried. Evidently time ate some important bits on those CD’s and they just weren't going to release the magic pixels to her computer.

Wedding Album Title for Jeff and Dipti

If you know me you know that I have difficulty deleting photographs. I have been doing it more as the photographic file sizes grow and my archive free space shrinks, but in the back of my mind when I do delete photos I'm wondering if I am deleting something I will need or will want at a later date.

It is a bit of a pack-rat mentality, and I do know I keep photographs around that really have no value to myself or anyone else. It is something I'm working on but there are some photos I will never delete and those are photos I used to make something.

For my friends, Dipti and Jeff, I created a hand-crafted wedding album from the photographs that three photographer friends and myself took during their wedding day back in 2003. It was my first wedding album and it was a learning experience for myself. But I really enjoyed every moment of it as I knew I was creating something special for two close friends.

I found her photographs and as I burned her a new DVD I started looking through the files. It was a special wedding not only because it was between two close friends but also because it was a new experience for me as they were married in a traditional Indian wedding. As I flipped through the photographs I started remembering some of the moments from the day.

I remember arriving a little later than I wanted because the navigator decided we needed to take a detour to see the Indiana Colts football stadium before getting to the wedding. I remember seeing her standing in the sunlight with a glowing smile as she and her multicolored bridesmaids waited for their cue to enter. I remember seeing her dog waiting next to a friend in the audience as they watched the ceremony. I remember seeing Dipti enter the reception in a stunning wedding gown and Jeff in a tux. I remember eating something at the reception that had potatoes in it but was simply divine. I remember Jeff's brother (or was it his father) telling a story during a toast that completely made the him blush. I remember "stealing" the flash of another photographer to try and create a photograph I wanted to make during their wedding dance. I remember drinking a little too much, dancing a little too wildly, and at the end of the night pulling Jeff aside and telling him that if he ever hurt her he would have a couple people to
answer to.

I also remember the hours I spent editing, color correcting and designing their album. It was a fun experience but I think it will always be a one of kind Norman special as it was time intensive and there are better and easier ways to create wedding albums that I know about today.

I dropped off the DVD in the mail today and I hope Dipti and Jeff enjoy it all over again. By the way, the other photographers who helped create the wedding album were Annie Tormet, Lorrie Cecil, and Darrin Bryan. They are three photographers who each bring their own special skills to every photography assignment they cover. I respect them all immensely and have learned much from them over the years.

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A Song from a Civil War Encampment (video)

I just put together a video piece I had been holding on to for a month or so. I had not had the time to sit down and put it together but finally got the chance.

Way Down in Dixie from Tim Norman on Vimeo.

Video Note: Scenes from a Civil War encampment with a Civil War musician's rendition of Way Down in Dixie on a 1845 Martin made in Nazareth, Pennsylvania in the 1840's. The encampment was in Gahanna, Ohio.


The video is a from a Civil War encampment in Gahanna, Ohio. I stumbled across this musician while shooting stills for an assignment  and thought it would make for a good audio piece to show some of the day's activities.

It was fun creating the story towards the middle of the video about the kids and the charging confederate soldier. I was trying to tell a story while getting several video and audio samples from different parts of the event. To me it blends pretty seamlessly and it allowed me to explore some more editing and shooting techniques I hadn't tried yet. Let me know what you think in a comment below.

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Shayla and Aaron's Wedding

Shayla and Aaron were gracious enough to allow me to photograph their wedding for them. I just presented them with their private gallery so they could see the photos and pass it on to the friends and family members.

There were many great photos from the day and here are a few of my favorites.

Shayla and Aaron's friends and family should contact the couple for
access to their private gallery.

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Cap City Cyclocross Grinding into Dublin, OH

Today I explored a fairly new style of off-road bicycle racing called cyclocross. It involves riding a ten speed type of bike with rugged wheels across grass and dirt, turning sharp corners and jumping hurdles.

For me the best way to describe cyclocross racing is to combine high school cross-country running with professional cycling and throw in a few hurdles for riders to either jump over on their bikes or run over the hurdles carrying their bikes. Mix that together and throw in a few hairpin turns every hundred feet or so and you get the essence of a cyclocross track.

Cap City Cyclocross - Images by Tim Norman

Coffman Park in Dublin, Ohio became the host of the Cap City Cyclocross thanks to members of Dublin's bicycle advisory task force. Some of the task force members are regular participants in cyclocross racing  but for some of the task force members, the Sunday races were their first chance to experience the cycling sport.

One of those who got his first experience to the sport on Sunday by riding in the class C race is Dublin City Council member John Reiner. Reiner, who is a member of the task force, said he would like to eventually see the event grow in size and bring in hundreds of people who spend the weekend in Dublin.

Dublin already hosts several large events such as the Memorial Tournament and Dublin Irish Festival. Having another event for Dublin that brings in the people from across America and the world would benefit not only Dublin but the Columbus area as well.

Overall I would have to say the event looked like a blast, especially for bicycle enthusiast who love the idea of doing some off-road riding. But the one thing that surprised me wasn't the sport itself but the amount of local people already enjoying it. (Ok. I was a little surprised by the hurdles.)

Often when a new sport tries to find a foothold in a community the people who participate in the sport aren't your local city council member or the members of the task force responsible for getting it the venue. Usually the participants are from outside of Ohio or from across the pond.

I had a chance to talk with a large amount of riders, fans, family members of participants that were from the local Columbus area. Many were from the Dublin and Hilliard area but a few were from Cincinnati and other Ohio cities. It will be interesting to see if and how the sport grows in Dublin since it seems to have some interest from local riders already.

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Walking Dead Fan Video

I person on Twitter I follow sent out a message about a cool fan video for the Walking Dead. Blah Blah... yeah we all know that it is probably some horribly done little video using bad graphics, bad sound, and bad acting. But this video truly rocked my socks off.

For more information, visit exmortisfilms.com
THE WALKING DEAD premieres on October 31st on AMC.
Animated by Daniel M. Kanemoto "The Walking Dead" Artwork by Charlie Adlard & Tony Moore "Fresh Blood" Written & Performed by eels Music Editing by Jeff Yorkes

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